Author: Megan Rumph


Seasonal Front Door Wreaths: Fall Wreaths for Front Doors

Usually, when a person is asked to think about a wreath for a front door, the first think that comes to mind is a circle evergreen wreath hanging on the door during Christmas celebration. But in reality, these items come in different shapes and types of materials. Door wreaths can have the shape of triangles, ovals, hearts, stars and the most creative shapes you can ever think of. Of course the shape and materials of these items are significantly determined by the occasion being celebrated. They can be produced from ordinary pine cones which can be found in almost every front yard, peacock feathers which need to be specially ordered or fresh flowers picked in the field or in the garden. In this way, you can forget about any limitations in design. The only things you need to have for sure include patience and creativity if you're going to make a door wreath on your own.

Winter offers a wide variety of materials including pine cones, magnolia leaves, evergreens, etc. It's rather easy to personalize your own Winter wreath as nature itself supplies you with diverse materials you can choose from. You can use wonderful and unique colors of Holly berries, Clementines, Lemons, and pomegranates for your front door wreaths. During winter months you will certainly find ribbons, lights glitter and other interesting items of different patterns and colors that will make your wreath really unique. You are going to have fun while creating your own wreath for any kind of celebration, be it New Year's holiday, Valentine's Day or any winter Religious celebration.

Spring suggests its own collection of beautiful gifts that will certainly help you in creating a decorative and light wreath. During this time of the year you can use different wreath bases such as styrofoam bases which can be decorated with different types of materials and secured easily in place. In fact, Spring offers everything that can be used in a door wreath. You can create various Spring themes with the help of such items as freshly picked flowers, toy baby animals, tiny toy colorful birds, etc. you can also depict your favorite activity in spring on your wreath.

Summer time is just magic as it provides creative people with all sorts of ideas to make an exclusive decoration. This is a high time to use natural materials such as sand dollars and Sea Shells, as well as greenery from the woods. You can make your wreath personal adding your family photos made during the time spent together in summer. The themes you can use for your summer door wreaths include Memorial Day, the 4th of July, Father's Day, as well as beach time.

The best fall wreaths for front door can be made undoubtedly during fall months when the nature is especially beautiful. For wreath bases straw and vines can be used, while the main part of decoration can be created with dried aromatic flowers, multi-colored leaves, gourds and nuts. A nice decorative fall wreath for front door can be created by sports enthusiasts who can use the colors of their favorite sports team. Thanksgiving and Halloween provide a wonderful opportunity for creating an attractive front door wreath that will undoubtedly be highly appreciated by family members, friends and neighbors.

It's fall soon, so it's time to create your own ideas of fall wreaths for front door. Try to make it natural and unique.