Author: Megan Rumph


Look Fabulous at Fancy Dress Abba Party!

What character would you like to be - disco diva or Dancing Queen? Which of two does attract your attention more? Maybe you would like to try a long blonde or brown wig belonging to the style of 70s or 80s? By the way, platform shoes were also extremely fashionable at that period. This was the Abba era widely known with dazzling music and the glitz of the 70s and 80s. Nowadays, people are keen on organizing parties of 70s or 80s. So, if you were invited to one of them it's highly advisable to take some 70s dancing lessons. You're going to receive a unique impressing exercise and consequently have great fun! Nowadays, many old kinds of dancing have come back to life and popularity again. You may see them often on TV. But if you have decided to attend some dancing courses it's preferable to look for a dancing school which is situated not far from your home. Fortunately, such dancing lessons aren't expensive if you find a class where it's possible to pay for each lesson. The matter is that far not everyone can afford to give a few evenings every week to dancing lessons, so it's re ally convenient to pay when you attend classes rather than signing up for a whole month beforehand. You're going to have much fun if you take your friends with you one evening.

Background Of Group Abba

Abba was a Swedish pop band which was founded in 1972 and was extremely popular with its numerous wonderful hits during ten years until 1982. The pop band Abba consisted of four members - two men and two women, whose names are Agnetha Faltskog, Benny Andersson, Bjorn Ulvaeus, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad. All of them had excellent outfits which are nowadays perfect for any fancy dress party.

Women's Fancy Dresses of 70s and 80s

The style of 70s and 780s is characterized by white and shiny clothes decorated with many sparkles including a sequined top, silver belt, flared trousers and other attributes of disco fancy dress design. In order to receive a complete image a long straight wig will be necessary. Wigs opposite to natural colors of hair were also extremely fashionable. Your friends won't recognize you at the party.

Mini dresses are excellent features of Abba era as well. If you like wearing short skirts try the white mini dress having a stand up collar and belt. Compliment your costume with a long white or other bright wig and tie a narrow band in silver or gold round your neck. Use black false eyelashes and blue eye shadow to make your look memorable.

Men's Fancy Dress Abba Style

The Benny outfit includes a white silky top and trousers with golden braiding. Besides, one may wear a brown wig of Bee Gees style and beautiful brown tache. Those items will look wonderful in combination with similar-styled accessories.