Author: Megan Rumph


Black Russian Terrier Temperament and Lifespan

Black Russian Terrier was originally bred as a dog for the service, so it has guardian character genetically. This is a very bold and observant dog breed that does not require the manifestation of aggression. They have excellent response and can be effective guards.

Black Russian Terriers practically do not bark unless this is not necessary. Dogs of this breed are characterized by a dominant type of character, so in need of a decisive and confident owner who will bring them to the hardness, but do not forget about love. This is a very smart dog, easily trained and very devoted. However, their dedication, coupled with suspicion could have negative consequences, so the socialization of these dogs at an early age is very important. Otherwise any communication of black Russian terrier with strangers can be a big problem. Puppies of Black Russian Terriers are very nice and attractive. They mature late and usually reach maturity only in the 2nd year, this fact should be borne in mind when training Russian black terrier. The lifespan of the dog is 10-11 years.

How Much Does a Black Russian Terrier Cost and Price Range

The average price for the pet quality dog is about $300. The cost will depend on the location of the breeder and the type of the dog. The show class dogs as well as breed dogs cost more than the pet quality dogs and the price is up to $800 or maybe a bit higher depending on the place where you buy your puppy.

Black Russian Terrier Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Color of this dog breed is black, a small amount of gray hair may be observed (no more than 30%). Height at withers: males 72-76 cm, females 68-72 cm; Weight: males- 50-60 kg, females- 45-50 kg.

Black Russian Terrier Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Black Russian Terrier is easily trained, but if it remembers the order quickly and easily, then it is not possible to retrain. For beginners it is recommended to conduct classes in a group, under the guidance of an experienced trainer, read hurricane spin scrubber.

Ability to make decisions and to think about the order has been laid in dogs of this breed from birth. A clever and powerful animal with teeth of impressive size is a great force. Black Russian Terrier loves when all family members get together, and this also refers to small pets, living with it in the same area. Dogs of this breed get along good with children if they grow together. Black Russian Terriers need to communicate, and to have close relationship with the person. Despite the fact that the Black Russian Terrier can live peacefully with other pets, do not contain this breed together with other major dominant dog. These dogs always prefer to live with the animals, which will consider themselves a part of their family, and not to set their own rules and fight for territory.